Sunday, October 24, 2010


Prayer Warriors, please come together to lift up Robin and her family in Prayer. They have been attending Two Rivers steady for 6 months, off and on for 6 years.

Robin is new to the High School ministry. Robin has been thru open heart surgery in Nov 2008 and just last April they went in and removed the sternal wires. She still has another surgery to go because it is not corrected. Robin recently found out that she has a brain tumor that has a sister tumor right beside it sitting right behind her eyes and very close to the optic nerve. The doctor at UT has told her that it is inoperable and that it has grown since the short time ago they found it. It is so close to the optic nerve, they don’t want to go in to see if it is malignant or not because it could damage the optic nerve and could result in blindness or it could paralyze her face. Her family is from California and they are praying for direction to go to her doctors there and seek another opinion.

Robin has very strong faith and has completely put her trust and hope in the Lord. When you look at her, you see joy for the Lord! She has peace! Praise God. On the other hand, it is not so easy for her husband Pat. She also has a son named Kyle that is a Junior at UT, a son named Robbie that is a Junior at Farragut and a daughter named Carena at Farragut that is one of my Freshmen girls.

Please continue to be in prayer for Robin and this family. She told me the other night after I asked her permission to turn it over to intercessors and staff to be prayed for, that she has never had that kind of prayer, it normally has only been family and close friends. I will be bringing Robin to the Well to be prayed over. God is Good!

Thank you for the constant prayer that is so greatly needed at this time.

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