Thursday, May 31, 2012

Please Pray for Diane Stafford

·        Please pray for Diane Stafford who will be having surgery on June 14th.  Please pray for wisdom and skill for the surgeon and that this procedure takes care of the problem. Also pray for Diane as she tries to get things organized prior to the surgery, so that she can rest and recover peacefully.        

Prayer Requests

Please pray for the following people:

Ramona; for wisdom ,integrity, strength ,understanding ,and the favor of God  in everything she does. Also to be filled with the love of God and Holy Spirit. 

Robert, and his wife & kids; He needs the favor and blessings of God. They go to court soon, so please pray for wisdom & favor for the attorneys, and for God to fully deliver, and return to full employment.

Jeanne; For finances and a job.

Samantha; who is going to court soon on a DWI, and needs the favor of God as she has turned her life around and has a baby to take care of now.

Thank you

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prayers for Brooklyn

Please pray for Heather's cousin Brooklyn, and her family. She is only 2 years old and was diagnosed yesterday with Stage 4 cancer. Brooklyn's mom is also nearly ready to deliver her 3rd child.  The doctors are saying she only has a little time left, and that they can only make her comfortable. Her identical twin sister has never been away from the next few weeks will be hard. Please lift up this little girl and her family in prayer, to the powerful God we serve. Pray for God's almighty expression of love and grace to embrace this child, and for her life to be a testimony of His great mercy. 


Prayers for the Townson Family

Please pray for the Townson family. Kimberly Townson, 42, a teacher at Lenoir City High School, was killed in the fatal wreck on the interstate heading east toward Campbell Station Rd exit. Two tractor trailers hit and one flipped onto her car and crushed it. Her daughter will be graduating May 12 from LCHS. Please be in prayer for the whole family, but especially the daughter, when it should be such a happy time of accomplishments in her life; to have her mother killed right before her graduation would be devastating.