Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prayer Request for Today and the Weekend

Dear Intercessors,

Please be in prayer for the following prayer request today and this week.

• Japan- Continue to lift up the many people of Japan devastated by last week’s earthquake and tsunami, pray for God’s grace, mercy and provision to be poured out on this people. Pray the church in Japan would be strengthened in these days and that the name of Jesus would be lifted high in that place.

Brad at 2rc South Fl – Be in prayer this week for Brad as he will be speaking at Two Rivers South Fl. Pray for his preparation time, protection from any attack of the enemy and that God would use him powerfully in ministry this weekend. Ask specifically for the harvest

• Steve Pridmore at 2rc – Please be praying for Steve as he will be speaking to us this weekend at Two Rivers Knoxville. Steve is getting some rest this week with his whole family, pray that he will be refreshed & renewed by his time away. Pray also for his preparation, protection for all the ways the Lord will use him this week as he teaches. Again, ask for the harvest.

Quiet Waters Retreat – Continue to pray for those that the Lord is calling to meet with Him at QW’s, that the enemy could not keep them from attending. Pray also for the health & protection of all ministry teams that will be serving over the weekend.

Brent, Paula & Corey Howell – Pray for the Howell’s as they travel to Jamaica to serve at Robins Nest this week. Pray for their safe travel, against any sickness and that they would be a blessing and encouragement to the Willey’s and orphanage.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Prayer Request for Today & this Weekend

Dear Intercessors,

Please be in prayer for the following request:

Jon Teague & Sunday’s services – Pray for Jon this week as he will be teaching this Sunday on the subject of healing. Pray for wisdom & anointing for Jon as he prepares and for protection for him and his family. We also sense the Lord may lead us into ministry times after the services to pray specifically for healing for those that are dealing with health issues. Please pray for wisdom and for the Spirit’s leading during our ministry times, pray also that God would increase the faith of His people this Sunday.

Our Students – This week concluded the series on sex & purity that both middle school and high school students have been going through over the past several weeks. This has been a timely series for our students and I believe that God has used it to help take back ground in the hearts of our kids that the enemy had stolen or at the very least was at risk of being stolen. Pray with me that every seed that was sown throughout this series would be buried deep in the good soil of our students hearts and that they will be protected until they take root and grow up and bear the fruit God intended in their lives.

I would ask that you also pray for Chris, Jon and all of their volunteers that God would be their rear guard and that He would cover and protect them and their families and that any and all attempts of the enemy to attack them or create a backlash against them would be powerless & ineffective.

Pastor Brad at Two Rivers South FL - Please pray for Brad this weekend as he will be teaching at our sister church in South Fl. Pray for Brad's preparation time and for the Lord to use him powerfully during the weekend to bless this congregation & Steve and Amy!

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to pray for our church family!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Steve Brook's Father

Steve's Dad had a knee replacement last week and it is not going smooth. He has had urinary system complications that are still not well defined and he has an artificial heart valve that is complicating things because of the need for blood thinners.

He is also in a lot of pain. The drug store is out of his eye drops for his transplant eye, and he has only limited blood thinner shots left.

Please keep lifting him up in prayer, cause his spirits are down right now.

You can specifically pray for:

  • Encouragement
  • Less pain
  • Medical and logistical complications to be cleared up

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update On Mary's Mom

Enith is resting some this AM. They upped the IV medicine and that has lowered the heart rate. Mary is waiting to talk with the cardiac doctor to see what’s next.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mary's Mother in Hospital

Mary got a call this morning that her mother, Enith, was disoriented last night at the nursing home, and seems worse this morning. The staff advised Mary to come and take Enith to the ER in case she had experienced a  mild stroke.

Now the doctors are unsure if Enith had a stroke. Her heart is racing intermittently, which is not good. They are admitting her to the Cardiac Care Unit and will try to stabilize her heart rate with an IV. They are still in the ER waiting for a room but hope to have one soon.

Please be praying for Enith, Mary and her family, and wisdom and skillfulness for the medical staff.

Mary and Enith are at Parkwest Loudon which is the hospital beside Chilis in Lenoir City.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prayer Request & Praise Reports

Dear Intercessors,

Please see the praise reports and prayer request below!

Baby Carter Smith - Carter is out from under the lights, the IV is out and Erin & Josh will get to take him home tomorrow! Please continue to pray for Carter’s health and for some needed rest & peace for Erin and Josh.

Steve Gazaway – Please see the email below his growth group on how we need to continue to pray for our brother Steve

I just received a call directly from Steve. He is asking that we kick up the prayers. His billyrubin (spelling??) level is jumping around when it should be going down steadily. The doctor is concerned and has scheduled an ultrasound for 8:45 tomorrow morning. Please pray that the ultrasound will show that everything is healing normally and there will be no complications. We also pray that the billyrubin level will stabilize and nothing will prevent Steve & Barbara from coming home as planned on Tuesday, March 8th.

Please continue to pray for complete healing and peace for Steve as well as peace and strength for Barbara. We know their faith is strong, but even Moses needed someone to hold his arms up during a long battle.

Remember you can send words of encouragement via Steve's CaringBridge website at:

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to pray!