Monday, January 31, 2011

Prayer Requests & Updates

Dear Intercessors & Staff,

Just wanted to quickly update you and ask that you continue to pray for the following folks:

Amy Haun – Is now in surgery for removal of her Thyroid, please pray for all to go well and that Amy would adjust quickly to the thyroid medication without side effects. Amy is at Fort Sanders downtown. Pray also for Jeff (Amy’s Husband) who was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes as he is now on new medications and diets to help reverse the progress of the disease.

Keiryn Hall – Keiryn is out of surgery and everything went well. They took out the rods and determined that the spine had not fused completely so they roughed up the bone and re-grafted the area. Then he shortened the rods to relieve the pain in the upper part of her back and put them back on. She will be recovering at Shriner’s Hospital in Lexington, KY for the next several days, please pray for the re-grafted areas to heal correctly and that this procedure would reduce or eliminate the pain that Keiryn has been experiencing.

Steve Gazaway – Steve’s liver transplant surgery last night went extremely well, Barbara called and said that all of “his numbers” that had previously been out of line are now falling into normal ranges and the doctors are amazed at how well he is recovering. Let’s continue to pray for a full recovery and that Steve’s body would accept the transplant with no complications. Continue also to pray for rest and peace for Barbara in the midst of caring for Steve.

Wayne Kaufman – Wayne’s heart cath that was scheduled for tomorrow will be re-scheduled for next week…please continue to pray for protection and health over our brother from PA.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to pray!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prayer Request & Updates

Continue to pray for the following prayer request and updates.

Wendy King – Wendy continues to battle cancer, please pray for God to pour out His healing on her body. Pray for encouragement & peace for her and her family in the midst of this season.

Steve Gazaway – Steve has been undergoing many test this week to see if he is a candidate for a liver transplant. The testing has been exhausting for both Steve and Barbara…please pray for wisdom for the doctors and for favor on Steve if indeed God chooses to use this procedure in his healing. Continue to pray for both Steve & Barbara for peace and comfort during this extended stay in the hospital.

Amy Haun – Amy will be having her Thyroid removed Monday morning at Fort Sanders hospital, pray for peace for Amy and that there would be no further complications and that Amy would recover quickly.

Jim Calfee – Jim had surgery on his foot this morning and all went well…pray for Jim’s recovery to be complete without infection or reoccurrence


BIG Wednesday
…See Jon Teague’s Update below!

Wow...last night was a great night! It was definitely was definitely on Wednesday...and ask Chandler Bowman if it was I'd say we delivered. But most importantly, God delivered last night! All praise goes to Him! God answered so many prayers last night. I remember sitting in the coffee shop at noon yesterday while the snow was flowing down. We prayed the weather would blow out and it was a non-factor! We've been praying for revival in the hearts of our students (and ourselves) and I believe, as one of my team members said last night, we are seeing the first fruits!

We think 8 students received Christ last night! And a number of others came to the back for prayer with our leaders and prayer team members. God was definitely on the move! Maybe one of the coolest stories was one of the dads we asked to come tend the firepits for us (his first time to ever help with us). His job was done half-way through the night so he just hung out in the back of the room. When I gave the invitation, I said that there were leaders in the back who want to pray with you. Three of the students who responded went straight to this dad! He came to build a fire....and he ended up being used by God to get fires started in those three boys' hearts!

Thanks for praying for us.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prayer for BIG Wednesday!

Tonight is Big HOT Wednesday! I know, I know...looking outside right now makes you think of anything but HOT! I need you to pray that this weather gets out of here and does not make travel conditions dangerous! In fact, pray that it's not even questionable.

Tonight the gospel will be presented to middle school students. Tonight we have an opportunity to see hearts and lives changed for eternity. I have seen God do incredible things at Big Wednesdays past. I am praying He will do incredible things tonight! I do not want this weather to have any negative impact whatsoever.

So pray for us tonight! We'll be at The Shed from 6:30-8:30pm.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prayer Request & Updates

Dear Intercessors,

Please see the prayer request & updates below:

Steve Gazaway – Dave Benner & I went to visit Steve & Barbara this morning at Vanderbilt Hospital where Steve was still in ICU but was feeling some better and looked better as well. His kidneys did begin to function again which was a BIG answer to prayer. Prayer focus now needs to be as follows:
• Creatinine levels need to come down to 0.7 – 1.5 range from a very high 4.7
• Pray that kidneys would continue to function well
• God would heal his liver or make compatible liver available for transplant
• For Barbara to have wisdom, discernment and peace in the coming days & weeks

Dawn Mcguire - My heart cath is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30. I am excited to be moving forward after almost a year of searching for answers and way too may tests and appointments. (I must say though that my doctors were all wonderful...including my first neurologist who humbly encouraged me to go for a second opinion.)

One minor glitch...Keegan just had a positive test for the flu. He got Tamiflu and doc said he should feel better by tomorrow. And Jack has been home from school for two days with a fever and stomachache but is getting better and hopefully heading back tomorrow. Please pray that I stay well and that they feel better. It will be hard for me to leave if they are sick. So grateful that God is in control!

I hope to be well enough for my physical therapy to start next week for my tailbone and weakened right side. I think I'll be ready to compete in the the Ironman come summer with my newly improved body (or is it my "properly repaired" body). Lol!

I appreciate ya'll. Blessings!

Dawn Mcguire

Danny Matthews

Update on Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson is out of surgery and in recovery. He is doing well and things went better than expected, they thought he would need a triple bypass, and they only had to do two, praise God! Pray for a quick recovery.

Prayer request for Brad

Please see the prayer request below from Adrienne:

My brother, Brad, has ALS (Lou Gerhig's) and is really in need of prayer. He is having bouts of respiratory distress and increased heart rate. Barring a miracle, he will likely not be with us much longer. He does not wish to have any type of ventilation or anything that will prolong his suffering. The only interventions being considered may possibly hasten the inevitable and/or make him less coherent to reduce discomfort. Please pray however u feel led and feel free to pass this to others who may also be compelled to pray. These are the prayers pressing on my heart: SALVATION, peace, comfort, blessings, and that my parents and I get to see him again on this earth and then forever in heaven.

Prayer for Johnaa

Please see the prayer request below for Johnna:

My friend Johnna just had her 30-week ultrasound and it did not go well. For the first time the doctor’s have detected what they believe to be a neurological disorder and the prognosis is not good. The doctors give this young unborn girl, Branson, two more weeks (until the 32nd week). If she does survive until birth they don’t believe she will live for long outside the womb. Please join me in crying out for Branson, my friend Johnna, her husband Will and children Eason and Jaden.

Please pray Branson is one of those children we talk about 2 years from now as a “Miracle Child”.

Please pray the Lord’s will be done and there be peace.

Update on Steve Gazaway

I just received word that the stent they put in is working and Steve's kidneys have begun to function. PRAISE GOD! As soon as I hear more I will update again. Thank you for your prayers, let's keep them going and THANK Him for this improvement!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prayer for Tom Johnson and Wendy King

Dear Intercessors,

Tom Johnson went to the hospital today because he was feeling week. He is now staying overnight and has a triple bypass scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, a smooth surgery, and quick healing with minimal pain for Tom.

Wendy King and her husband Joseph are new members to 2RC and have three daughters. Wendy has been battling cancer. Last Thursday they met with a doctor at Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville where they were told Wendy had to meet very strict criteria in order to be eligible for their clinical trials. She met every criteria but one, her hemoglobin needed to be higher. On friday she had a blood transfusion to raise her hemoglobin level. She will begin the Clinical trial this Friday, January 21st with the experimental drug TDM1 which has effectively stopped cancer growth in 45% of women. Wendy's acceptance to the trial is just another blessing and answer to prayer. Please be praying for Wendy and her family as she begins this trial, and for HEALING!

Thank you for praying!


Update on Pat Moe

Dear Intercessor, Staff & Elders,

Just spoke with Dick Moe and Pat is now out of surgery and in recovery. The doctor reported everything went well and as planned with no complications. Please continue to pray for Pat’s recovery and rehab.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to pray!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Do You Want to Grow in Your Prayer Life?

Do you want to grow in your prayer life? Are you a seasoned intercessor? We invite you join us for a Time Apart to Pray on Tuesday mornings, 9:30-11:45am, in the Prayer Chapel. We begin with worship, and most often we have a focus within the 2RC body for our prayers---marriages, ministries, youth, missions, etc. We meditate on scripture and pray the Word. After we have fulfilled the prayer assignment for the day we pray for one another’s needs.

On the third Tuesday of the month we become an ASK Network group and our focus turns outward. ASK Network is an international intercessory prayer ministry that seeks to: “Gather all generations to pray for all the nations asking God to do what only He can do and doing whatever He asks of us.” Some past targets have been: the U.S. elections, local government, the Church, and Israeli. We have also partnered with the Campus House of Prayer and prayer walked the UTK campus.

It’s exciting to see God answer prayer. Come join us. If you have questions call or email Sheila Moyer, 457-1818;

Urgent request for Steve Gazaway

Urgent request for Steve this afternoon:

The doctor's were unable to attempt the surgery to remove the stone from his bile duct because Steve's kidneys are now not functioning. Pray for healing for his kidneys so that the stone can be removed. And of course for a new liver to become available for a liver transplant. Thank you all for your faithfulness to pray!

Update on Steve Gazaway

Dear Intercessors,

Steve is scheduled for a laparoscopic surgery (a minimally invasive surgery, because the doctors said it is not safe to open him up again) today to remove the stone which is lodged in his bile duct. He currently is running a temperature of 100. Please be praying that his temperature will go down and the surgery will be successful. Steve is in pain but has been given a medication pump to self administer meds. No news yet on when the liver transplant will occur. Keep praying for that as well.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Update on Steve Gazaway

Steve Gazaway has been in the hospital since Wednesday as a result of complications during a routine bile duct surgery. Because his liver is in very bad condition, doctors have agreed that Steve's next step is to transfer him to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. He and his wife Barbara are thankful for this clarity and direction, and are now waiting for the surgeon to release him. Please pray for Steve and Barbara as they travel to Nashville, wisdom for the doctors, and healing for Steve.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Barb Dilley and Ruth Thompson

Dear Intercessors,

2 prayer requests for women having surgery tomorrow, Friday January 14th:

-Barb Dilley, a member here at Two Rivers, will be having surgery on an infected tear duct at 9:00am tomorrow morning. Please pray for clear roads, safe travels, wisdom for the surgeon, and minimal swelling and bruising as it could affect her driving.

-82 year old Ruth Thompson has a rectal prolapse and will be having surgery at 1:00pm tomorrow. Pray for a uncomplicated surgery and a quick recovery. Ruth lives in Mississippi but has been here in Tennessee since Christmas. Her daughter in law Lisa has been taking care of her. Please pray for Lisa's testimony to family as she takes such good care of her. She is serving the Lord with such joy and the whole family is watching.

Update on Lily Grace

Please see the update below on Lily Grace:

First of all let me thank all of you who have been praying for Lily-Grace. All of the tests came back with normal results giving no indication as to why she experienced all of the symptoms she had, total loss of motor skills, very low blood sugar, extremely high white blood count with no fever, disoriented and confused...all very scary to say the least. So, I can only conclude that God laid His healing hand on her and did what only He can do. Your prayers were heard. After a mostly sleepless night she had an EEG this morning to monitor brain activity. Also perfectly normal. All of her blood work was back to normal this morning.So, she was to be discharged a little after noon. Lily had a good nap this morning while they were waiting on the results of the EEG and when she woke up she was in rare form, making up for lost time the day before. Kim called to let me know they were bringing the discharge papers and the Dr. was going to come talk to her and then they could go home in about an hour. Told her I would be on my way. As I was walking out the door I called her to make sure she had a coat, she did, that was the extent of our conversation, less than 60 seconds. Lily was in the bed (steal crib) with the sides (6 inches taller than she is) pulled up. In the 5 seconds that Kim turned around during our conversation, Lily pulled herself up over the side of the crib and as the Dr. was walking through the door she fell off of the side of the crib landed on her back and hit her head with a very hard hit. The Dr. saw it all and they were on their way back to CT for a second scan. When I got there they were waiting on the results. So, finally about 4:30 the Dr. came in to say no obvious damage just wake her up every 3 hours tonight and watch her for the next 48 hours for any signs of anything. She goes back to her Pediatrician on Friday for a follow-up check.We left the hospital about 5:30 and they are now home, hopefully both sleeping. Kim was exhausted to say the least. I stayed for a while, fixed their dinner so Kim could sit down. Lily played. She was glad to be home. Kim did not get the nap we had intended but we thought we would get home earlier. Hopefully they got to bed early.I do believe Lily must have several guardian angels and they take care of her in shifts. We should pray for them too because they are going to need to stay strong to handle this tiny little dynamo! Praying for this energy and intelligence to be fully surrendered to the Lord at a very early age. If it isn't I'm sure I will be calling on you to pray a lot for a very long time.Thank you again, she is going strong.Praising God with Thanksgiving,Dianne

Pray for the "ENCOUNTER" Conference at 2RCSFL

Dear Intercessors and Staff,

Please be in prayer starting Friday evening and throughout the weekend for 2RCSF for their first “Encounter” conference (aka Listen Up). As of today they have 150 folks registered both from their church and community. They are bringing in Brad Jersak to teach and 2RC Knoxville will be sending prayer teams down to help them facilitate “Listening Prayer” for those that attend.

Please pray for:
• Pastor Steve Pridmore & Diana Ramirez and their team handling last minute details & logistics that all would go as planned
• Brad & Eden Jersak as they travel to Florida and in preparation for the event
• Safe travels for the 2RC teams going to serve from Knoxville and protection for their families while away
• For the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of everyone attending for the work that God wants to accomplish and for the foundations He wants to establish.
• Pray that any and all attempts of the evil one to come against this event and it’s purposes would be rendered useless and ineffective by the power of the Holy Spirit.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to pray!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Steve Gazaway

Dear Intercessors,

Steve Gazaway, a member here at Two Rivers, went into the hospital today for what he thought was routine bile duct surgery but there were major complications including a burst blood vessel and lots of blood loss. Doctors are now saying that there are some severe liver complications and there is a possibility that he may need a liver transplant. Please pray for healing for Steve, and for his family.

The WELL is "ON" for Tonight

We will be having The WELL this evening as usual from 7:00 – 9:00 in the River Room. If the roads where you live are still hazardous please use you own judgment in attending and by all means be safe.

Hope to see you there!


Update on Kathleen Lucas

Update on Kathleen Lucas:

As a result of a head on collision with a semi, Kathleen has a shattered pelvis, some internal bleeding, and a breathing tube. The doctor has told her family that if she has no neurological changes in the next 24-36 hours, she should be ok. Praise God she is alive! Kathleen will have a long recovery, please keep her and her family in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on Lily Grace

Lily Grace is improving, getting some muscle control back, hungry, and smiling! GOD IS SO GOOD! Doctor's still do not have a diagnosis, and will keep her overnight. Thank you for your prayers, let's keep them coming and praise God for his healing hand!

Lily Grace & Kathleen Lucas

Dear Intercessors,

Two prayer requests this afternoon:

-2 1/2 year old Lily Grace (daughter of Kimberly Spear-Preyer, grandaughter of Dianne Spear) is in the children's emergency room with an undetermined condition. She is unresponsive, has no muscle control, and no fever. They are currently running all kinds of tests. Please pray for healing for this little girl, wisdom for the doctors, and peace for her family.

-Kathleen Lucas (cousin of Kim Lucas) was in a car accident and hit head on by a semi. We do not currently have any other details. Pray for Kathleen, that her injuries would be minimal!

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Kapaya Family

Dear Intercessors,

We received a letter in the mail yeseterday from the Kapaya family in Sudan. If you do not know, there is a referendum on Southern Sudan's independence scheduled for this Sunday, January 9th. Because the government is based in the North, Southerners have been discriminated against and have fought for years at the attempts to impose Islamic law over the whole country. Almost 4 million southerners have registered to vote. Voting will last for 7 days.

The Kapaya's are from the South where most are Christians. Most people from the North are Muslims. They have requested we pray for the South to win the election. Please keep this family, and all of Sudan in your prayers.

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update on Bill Bauer

Thanks for the multitude of prayers for Bill's back surgery, he is home at last! And resting well after walking the width of the house a few times. Walking is his therapy. Praise God for a successful surgery! Please continue to pray for Bill as he recovers.

The Family of Carol Scism

Please pray for the family of Carol Scism who passed away today. She had a massive heart attack and lives in Oklahoma. Please be in prayer for her son (and family) and daughter as they travel from Colorado and Texas for the funeral. Thank you so much for praying.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Well Cancelled Tonight!

Dear Friends,

Due to inclement weather The Well will be cancelled tonight but will resume next Wednesday evening 7:00 – 9:00.


Urgent Prayer Request for Bob Rose

Please see the prayer request below from Pastor Brad concerning Bob Rose, would you pray with me that these embolisms would be dissolved and that Bob would recover completely from this episode. Pray also for peace for Clark’s mother during this time.

I just received a call from Clark Rose that his dad, Bob Rose, is in the ICU in Chattanooga with two pulmonary embolisms. (Blood clots in the heart.)

He is stable, but would appreciate us praying. Clarks Mom has high blood pressure too, so she is also a concern.

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for our church family!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Prayer Request for Today

Dear Intercessors,

Please be in prayer today for the following members:

Bill Bauer – Bill is having back surgery this morning at Parkwest hospital and is expected to stay at least one night. Please pray for a quick and trouble free recovery for Bill.

Terri Rogers – Terry is having her tonsils removed this morning, also at Parkwest, she should be released today. Pray against infection and for a speedy recovery for Terri as well.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to pray!