Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Prayer for Tom Johnson and Wendy King

Dear Intercessors,

Tom Johnson went to the hospital today because he was feeling week. He is now staying overnight and has a triple bypass scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, a smooth surgery, and quick healing with minimal pain for Tom.

Wendy King and her husband Joseph are new members to 2RC and have three daughters. Wendy has been battling cancer. Last Thursday they met with a doctor at Sarah Cannon Research Institute in Nashville where they were told Wendy had to meet very strict criteria in order to be eligible for their clinical trials. She met every criteria but one, her hemoglobin needed to be higher. On friday she had a blood transfusion to raise her hemoglobin level. She will begin the Clinical trial this Friday, January 21st with the experimental drug TDM1 which has effectively stopped cancer growth in 45% of women. Wendy's acceptance to the trial is just another blessing and answer to prayer. Please be praying for Wendy and her family as she begins this trial, and for HEALING!

Thank you for praying!


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