Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prayer Request & Updates

Dear Intercessors,

Please see the prayer request & updates below:

Steve Gazaway – Dave Benner & I went to visit Steve & Barbara this morning at Vanderbilt Hospital where Steve was still in ICU but was feeling some better and looked better as well. His kidneys did begin to function again which was a BIG answer to prayer. Prayer focus now needs to be as follows:
• Creatinine levels need to come down to 0.7 – 1.5 range from a very high 4.7
• Pray that kidneys would continue to function well
• God would heal his liver or make compatible liver available for transplant
• For Barbara to have wisdom, discernment and peace in the coming days & weeks

Dawn Mcguire - My heart cath is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30. I am excited to be moving forward after almost a year of searching for answers and way too may tests and appointments. (I must say though that my doctors were all wonderful...including my first neurologist who humbly encouraged me to go for a second opinion.)

One minor glitch...Keegan just had a positive test for the flu. He got Tamiflu and doc said he should feel better by tomorrow. And Jack has been home from school for two days with a fever and stomachache but is getting better and hopefully heading back tomorrow. Please pray that I stay well and that they feel better. It will be hard for me to leave if they are sick. So grateful that God is in control!

I hope to be well enough for my physical therapy to start next week for my tailbone and weakened right side. I think I'll be ready to compete in the the Ironman come summer with my newly improved body (or is it my "properly repaired" body). Lol!

I appreciate ya'll. Blessings!

Dawn Mcguire

Danny Matthews

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