Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on Lily Grace

Please see the update below on Lily Grace:

First of all let me thank all of you who have been praying for Lily-Grace. All of the tests came back with normal results giving no indication as to why she experienced all of the symptoms she had, total loss of motor skills, very low blood sugar, extremely high white blood count with no fever, disoriented and confused...all very scary to say the least. So, I can only conclude that God laid His healing hand on her and did what only He can do. Your prayers were heard. After a mostly sleepless night she had an EEG this morning to monitor brain activity. Also perfectly normal. All of her blood work was back to normal this morning.So, she was to be discharged a little after noon. Lily had a good nap this morning while they were waiting on the results of the EEG and when she woke up she was in rare form, making up for lost time the day before. Kim called to let me know they were bringing the discharge papers and the Dr. was going to come talk to her and then they could go home in about an hour. Told her I would be on my way. As I was walking out the door I called her to make sure she had a coat, she did, that was the extent of our conversation, less than 60 seconds. Lily was in the bed (steal crib) with the sides (6 inches taller than she is) pulled up. In the 5 seconds that Kim turned around during our conversation, Lily pulled herself up over the side of the crib and as the Dr. was walking through the door she fell off of the side of the crib landed on her back and hit her head with a very hard hit. The Dr. saw it all and they were on their way back to CT for a second scan. When I got there they were waiting on the results. So, finally about 4:30 the Dr. came in to say no obvious damage just wake her up every 3 hours tonight and watch her for the next 48 hours for any signs of anything. She goes back to her Pediatrician on Friday for a follow-up check.We left the hospital about 5:30 and they are now home, hopefully both sleeping. Kim was exhausted to say the least. I stayed for a while, fixed their dinner so Kim could sit down. Lily played. She was glad to be home. Kim did not get the nap we had intended but we thought we would get home earlier. Hopefully they got to bed early.I do believe Lily must have several guardian angels and they take care of her in shifts. We should pray for them too because they are going to need to stay strong to handle this tiny little dynamo! Praying for this energy and intelligence to be fully surrendered to the Lord at a very early age. If it isn't I'm sure I will be calling on you to pray a lot for a very long time.Thank you again, she is going strong.Praising God with Thanksgiving,Dianne

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