Monday, May 16, 2011

Prayer for Katie & the Andrews Family

Please be praying for...
  • Katie- I am only 21 years old, and I have had a total of 5 pregnancies, but only 1 birth. My first 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriage before 6 weeks. My 3rd pregnancy, I gave birth to my daughter, who is now 2, and perfectly healthy. My 4th pregnancy, I made it to 10 weeks, and misscarried. And my 5th pregnancy, which I recently had 3 months ago, ended in miscarriage at 5 weeks. My doctor said I have a progesterone hormone deficiency which is what feeds the pregnancy for growth. Please pray for me, that I will get pregnant again, and give birth to another healthy child.
  • The Andrews Family-Their house was flooded during the severe weather we had a few weeks ago. They have been working hard to restore their home but as you can imagine they are weary. Please pray for strength and encouragement for this couple and their children.

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