Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prayers of Healing Needed for Lynn Kachmarchik

Two weeks ago we prayed for Lynn Kachmarchik. Lynn was experiencing memory loss and scheduled to receive multiple tests to determine the problem. Test results so far have revealed untreatable brain disease. Please continue to pray for the powerful healing touch of our Almighty Jesus to heal Lynn in a super natural way , and our Savior be glorified. Please also pray for renewed strength and peace for Lynn and Mike as they trust and wait upon the Lord.


  1. Lynn Kachmarchik is now home, but not doing well. They believe it is encephalitis of the brain. Please continue to pray for wisdom for the Doctors to know what the next step is. Pray for peace in their hearts and home.

  2. Lynn is back In UT hospital and is declining in health. She started a new drug treatment yesterday that may help, but doctors don't know yet. So please pray for wisdom for the doctors; rest and healing from our Great Physician for Lynn, and please also pray for Holy Spirit to give Mike strength, and the undefeatable faith to go through this with Lynn.