Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer Request for this Week

Dear Intercessors,

Please remember the following prayer request for this week and as often as the Lord puts them on your heart.

Pastor Brad & the series in Acts – Continue to lift Brad up everyday throughout this series in Acts as the enemy does not like the ground that is being taken and will continue his attacks on our body and it’s leaders…Brad being our senior leader takes many of this attacks head on so please join me in lifting him up for safety and health for him and his family. This week he will be teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit…so I’m sure the attacks will be flying, If the Lord would give you specific scriptures or words of encouragement for Brad I’m sure they would minister to him.

Steve Gazaway - Steve is now in rehab in Nashville and is doing well, continue to pray for him for complete healing and restoration. Pray as well for Barb for continued peace & strength in the weeks that lay ahead of them both.

Wayne Kaufman – I just spoke with Jan and Wayne’s heart cath went well. Wayne only had one significant blockage but the doctors said that it could be reversed by medication and so a stint would not be needed at this time. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray for Wayne as he settles into a new regimen of meds, diet & exercise in the coming weeks. Also, Wayne was very appreciative of those of you who wrote prayer cards to him at the Well a few weeks back!

Women’s Retreat – Please be in prayer for our women’s retreat this weekend as around 180 women from Two Rivers will be meeting together for what promises to be a very powerful time. Pray for Mary Stone and her whole team as they put together last minute details, pray also for Peggy Price the retreat speaker for the weekend. We will be praying for the retreat and Mary & her team this Wednesday at The Well…I hope you will plan to join us!

As always, thank you for your faithfulness to pray!


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