Monday, February 7, 2011


Dear Intercessors,

Here are some updates on those we have been praying for:

-Steve Gazaway had surgery yesterday morning to repair a tear in his instestines. The surgery went well and they were able to fix the tear. As of Sunday evening, doctors were able to remove one of the four tubes (the one in his mouth). Steve is on a pump so that he can control his pain meds. Please continue to pray for healing, strength, and protection for Steve as infection is always a concern after this third surgery in less than a week.

-Dawn McGuire is now home. Doctors did not find anything, but please pray Dawn's body will adjust to the heart surgery she had recently and she will be headache free!

-**correction from the last blog post** Kathy Johnston was NOT taken to the hospital, she was taken to the doctor for her high blood pressure. She is now home and doing fine.

-Amy Shrewsbury is out of ICU, praise God! She has been breathing on her own for a few days now but is still in the hospital as she is unable to hold any food or drink down without vomiting. The doctors are unsure what is causing this and are running tests. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, and Amy's continued healing.

-Josh Packet: in December I had told you all about Josh, a junior at Loudon High School who was in a car wreck November 5th , 2010. The accident left him without movement below his chest. Josh has had the trach removed and is off the vent, this is a HUGE praise report. He has more strength in his left arm but still can't use his fingers on either hand and has no more mobility below the waist. We will continue to pray for a FULL recovery which the doctors say can take up to two years.

Thank you for your faithfulness to pray.


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